Pet Wellness

As pet owners, we want our animal companions to live as many years as possible, and investing in their wellness is essential.

Pet Wellness at Westside Pet Hospital in Bend, OR

At Westside Pet Hospital in Bend, OR, we understand the deep connection between you and your furry companions. We prioritize the longevity and well-being of your pets through our comprehensive pet wellness services.

The Essence of Pet Wellness

Pet wellness is not just a one-time visit; it’s a commitment to the overall health and happiness of your beloved animals. Regular wellness checkups serve as a cornerstone in ensuring your pets live their best lives. At Westside Pet Hospital, our approach is rooted in the belief that preventive care is vital to a fulfilling and extended life for your cherished pets.

A veterinarian examining a dog

Pet Wellness in Bend, OR

At Westside Pet Hospital, we believe the best way to accomplish pet wellness is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care.

By scheduling annual checkups, you’ll help protect your pet from many common ailments that can affect companion animals. You’ll also increase the likelihood of early diagnosis in the event of an underlying illness.

These simple things can add years to your best friend’s life.

When to Prioritize Pet Wellness

Pet wellness is not reserved for times of evident distress; it’s a continuous process that should be embraced throughout your pet’s life. Annual checkups are not solely for emergencies but serve as proactive measures to identify and address health concerns before they escalate.

When to Schedule a Pet Wellness Checkup

Your pet reaches different life stages (puppy/kitten, adult, senior).

There are changes in behavior, appetite, or activity levels.

Before embarking on travel or introducing a new environment.

To ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and preventive care.

Benefits of Pet Wellness

By scheduling annual checkups, you actively contribute to safeguarding your pet from common ailments that may impact companion animals. These routine visits offer more than just a quick examination; they provide a holistic assessment of your pet’s health. Early detection of potential issues during these checkups allows for prompt intervention, enhancing the chances of successful treatment.

In the realm of pet wellness, the benefits extend beyond the physical. Regular veterinary visits foster a trusting relationship between you, your pet, and our experienced veterinarians. This connection ensures that your pet feels comfortable during visits, making the entire process less stressful for both you and your furry friend.