Pet Chinese Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed that certain herbs, when strategically combined together, can provide a natural way to manage the health of both people and animals.

Chinese Herbal Medicine at Westside Pet Hospital in Bend, OR

In our commitment to comprehensive and holistic pet care, Westside Pet Hospital proudly offers Chinese herbal medicine as an integral part of our services.

Understanding Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is rooted in centuries-old practices that aim to restore balance within the body. The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine guide our approach, focusing on the interplay of energy forces to promote well-being.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine at Westside Pet Hospital

Chinese herbal medicine is particularly effective in treating chronic medical conditions and is often used to relieve pain, improve and restore organ function, and strengthen the immune system. Best of all, it is completely natural and has virtually no side effects when used correctly.

The ultimate goal of Chinese herbal therapy is to gradually return the body to a state of balance and wellness without the risk of side effects that traditional pharmaceuticals can present.

Westside Pet Hospital is pleased to offer this ancient treatment modality as part of our alternative therapy options.

What Can Chinese Herbal Therapy Treat?

Medicinal herbs can be used to treat and manage a variety of ailments and conditions in companion animals. These may include, but are not limited to:

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Kidney Disease
Heart Problems
Behavior Issues

It’s also been proven to be effective in treating geriatric health complications and as a supportive measure for cancer treatments.

How Many Treatments Will My Pet Need?

Because Chinese herbal medicine is gentler than most medications, it may take a little more time to see significant results. The actual treatment protocol will ultimately depend on the condition being addressed and several other factors that are unique to each patient.

We may also recommend using herbal medicine in conjunction with other treatments, such as acupuncture, to improve overall outcomes.

Could your furry family member benefit from Chinese herbal therapy? The best way to find out for sure is to contact the knowledgeable veterinary team at Westside Pet Hospital. Call today to get started!