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Celebrating Your Shelter Dog's Birthday

Did you adopt your canine companion from a shelter? If so, you may want to get him something special. Today is DOGust … the official shelter dog birthday! With shelter dogs, you usually can’t get the exact date that Fido …
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Holistic Pet Care Tips

August is Holistic Pet Care Day. As concerns about climate change, habitat loss, and environmental issues rise, many people who are looking for ways to incorporate more natural, earth-friendly practices into their lives are embracing holistic health care. Why not …
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Pets and the Art of Zen

Have you ever noticed that pets are really, really good at relaxing? Even the friskiest, most energetic dogs and cats can become the very picture of calmness and serenity when they settle in for a nap. Actually, many of our …
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The Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

One thing that we are happy to offer here at Westside Pet Hospital is Chinese herbal medicine. This is an ancient practice, but one that is becoming more and more popular here in the west. A Bend, OR veterinarian lists …
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Fluffy's Plans for World Domination

There’s a pretty interesting kitty holiday on the horizon. Cat World Domination Day is June 24th. This may seem a bit silly and outlandish. Then again, Fluffy did manage to take over a huge chunk of the internet. She also …
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Common Dog Care Mistakes

Did you know that dogs have been our friends and companions for as much as 40,000 years? We’ve had quite a long time to get to know Fido! Like any other animal, dogs need food, shelter, and water to survive. …
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Tips for Adopting a Rescue Dog

May 20th is National Rescue Dog Day. Many of our adorable patients are rescue dogs who have been given a second chance, and are now living their best lives as happy, pampered pets. Dogs are very resilient, and can bounce …
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Great Ways to Celebrate National Pet Week

National Pet Week starts May 2nd! Our animal companions truly do fill our lives with love! They provide comfort and companionship in bad times, and just generally help turn houses into home. Your furry best friend definitely deserves some extra …
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Gardening With Dogs

Do you have both a yard and a dog? If so, you may find yourself in a bit of a bind when it comes to gardening. Fido is a wonderful companion, but his landscaping skills do leave a lot to …
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Fun Facts About Pet Acupuncture

Did you know that acupuncture is growing very rapidly in the world of veterinary medicine? This ancient treatment has found a whole new fan base … and many of them are furry, four-legged, and adorable. A Bend, OR vet lists …
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