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Cat Nutrition and Diet Advice

A healthy, balanced diet is essential for your cat’s health. It’s not that we’re intentionally overfeeding our cats, it’s that our kitties, who are mostly indoors, are little couch potatoes now, and their nutritional needs are much lower. Although a …
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Cat Health and Annual Screenings

Many cats who look healthy may be hiding a secret. A study of outwardly healthy cats discovered laboratory abnormalities in one out of every four cats tested. Furthermore, pet owners who answered a 48 question survey noted warning signs in …
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Arthritis Tips for Old Dogs

There’s something charming about an old, gray-faced, slow moving dog. He’s not a playful pup anymore, he’s a good old boy. However those stiff movements and shorter walks are most likely caused by arthritis which is causing more pain than that …
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The Importance of Vaccines for Pets

Vaccines are a controversial subject whether you are discussing your children or your pets. Proper vaccinations have saved many individuals from getting seriously ill and are the mainstay of protection for many common diseases.  …
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Pet Sunburn Care and Prevention

t’s summer and the sun is ablazen. Hopefully you apply sunscreen whenever you go outside.  Well what about your pets? Animals are also at risk of excessive exposure to UV rays. …
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Preventing Pet Overpopulation

Pet over-population is a significant problem. Each day 10,000 humans are born in the US and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. More kittens and puppies are born every year than can find good homes. This leads to …
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Information about Service Dogs

You see them in restaurants, grocery stores, maybe even on an airplane, usually wearing a brightly colored vest. They are service dogs, also known as assistance dogs, trained to help people with disabilities. Service dogs are often known by names …
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