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Holistic Pet Care Tips

August 1, 2021

August is Holistic Pet Care Day. As concerns about climate change, habitat loss, and environmental issues rise, many people who are looking for ways to incorporate more natural, earth-friendly practices into their lives are embracing holistic health care. Why not include your pet? Pets may not understand the concept of holistic care—which means wellness that incorporates the whole being, mind, body and soul—but they can still benefit from it. A Bend, OR vet offers some tips on this below.

Consider Holistic Veterinary Care

Choosing holistic veterinary care isn’t an either/or situation. You don’t need to—and absolutely should not—give up modern veterinary medicine. Things like vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and parasite control are all very important! However, you may also want to look at things like nutritional healing, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and massage, and see how they can benefit your pet. Ideally, you want to give your little buddy the best of both worlds. Ask your vet for more information.

Shop Wisely

Holistic veterinary care and natural wellness work hand-in-hand (or hand-in-paw) together. One thing you can do is reconsider the products you get for your four-legged friend. Opt for food and treats that use whole, natural, and, when possible, organic, ingredients. You can also look into eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. Try to limit your pet’s exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Bring A Little Zen Into Your Life

With humans, holistic health care often incorporates things like yoga and meditation. Pets love these things, though of course they do them a bit differently. Take your dog to pretty parks regularly, and offer your kitty a sunny spot to relax and be adorable in. You can also set out some pet-friendly plants for your fuzzy pal to sniff at and nibble on. You can check the ASPCA site here for a full list. Also, be sure you are providing clean, fresh water. (An air purifier may be a good investment.)

Revisit Nutrition

Proper nutrition is absolutely crucial for your furry best friend’s health and well-being. This is one way to improve your pet’s health from the inside out …. literally. Supplements and Chinese Herbal Medicine can also be very beneficial, especially for older pets. Ask your vet for specific advice, including portion sizes, caloric recommendations, and safe and unsafe treats. 

Do you want to learn more about holistic pet care? Contact us, your Bend, OR animal clinic, anytime!

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