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Fun cat facts

November 1, 2017

Cats, as the old saying goes, were once worshiped as gods and have never allowed us to forget.

They first moved indoors in China around 5000 years ago to keep homes rodent-free. By comparison, dogs have been at our sides for around 40,000 years and were selectively bred for hunting,  herding and companionship. Cats, on the other hand? Are more or less cat-shaped.

Cats seem aloof. Scientists studying cat DNA discovered that cats are pretty much not domesticated. Genetically, the housecat still has most of their DNA in common with their wild cousins.

It’s an age-old argument: who’s smarter, cats or dogs? It turns out that cats might have a slight edge on dogs. In the part of the brain responsible for problem-solving and information processing, cats have a staggering 300 million neurons, while dogs only have a paltry 160 million. Sorry, pups.

Cats are natural hunters and love to roam. A feral cat in England home territory covered over 1,000 acres. The typical cat wanders about 5 acres. The study also found that roaming housecats had a greater impact on local wildlife than feral cats.

Many people claim to be allergic to cats. They might find it interesting that 1 out of 200 cats has asthma. The biggest cause? People. Human dandruff is cited as a major cause of feline asthma.

One last fun fact. Male cats are left pawed while females are right pawed.

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