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Holiday Cheer

December 6, 2016

The holidays are near and with them come food and holiday cheer. Observing simple precautions can make the holidays fun for your pets too.

Pets may be the gift that keeps on giving or might the gift that gets given away. If you choose to gift a pet, allow the recipient to select the pet after the holidays so they can find the right fit for their lifestyle and household.

We all love the tastes and smells of holiday treats. They are tempting to your pets as well.

Though many of us always thought so …fruitcake may contain toxic ingredients that can also be harmful to your pets such as grapes, raisins and alcohol.

Unsweetened, dark bittersweet and baking chocolate contain ingredients that are more than just toxic to your waistline, they contain chemicals that are bad for your pet’s heart, too.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener contained in many gums and candies. It affects dogs by drastically lowering their blood sugar causing seizures. They need immediate veterinary care.

Counter top grazers can consume all kinds of food not on their suggested diet list such as entire turkeys, bones, onions, garlic and macadamia nuts.

All that glitters such as tree decorations pose potential hazards. Tinsel, ribbons, string and glass ornaments may cause serious digestive issues. Low hanging lights, loose wires and electric cords are tempting to puppies. Candles fascinate cats and puppies and can burn their fur and your house.

Christmas and English holly, poinsettia, and mistletoe can cause digestive upsets.

Enjoy this holiday season by making it a safe one for your pets.

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