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The Solution To Our Stress Might Be Found In Our Pets

June 30, 2015

Got too much going on? Feeling stressed?  Maybe it’s time to take lessons from your pets.

fret about much else. 

They practice portion control at meals. Pets typically eat fixed helpings provided by you and 

don’t gorge on treats when they feel blue.

Pets know how to distress. Ever come home from a long day at work and your dog greets you 

with a leash in their mouth. They’re telling you it’s time for a walk. Healthy activity functions as a de-stressor to help you reset and bring you back to a productive and functional status.

Pets focus on what matters most: food, love and shelter. As long as they have these, they don’t 

It is estimated that cats sleep 18 hours a day and dogs are no slouch when it comes to laying around. They don’t call them cat naps or lazy dog afternoons for nothing. Take a hint and take a refreshing nap every day.

Ever heard of downward facing dog? It’s named appropriately enough. Dogs and cats stretch constantly. Stretching improves flexibility and reduces your risk of injury. Animals are curious creatures. Cats love to explore an open box or empty bag. Dogs love to explore their environment with their noses. Research has shown that seeking new experiences can keep us feeling young and healthy. So let’s pretend we are our pets and go explore.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about mindfulness: immersing yourself in the moment. Let your animals be your spirit guide. Gently pet them for 10 minutes while listening to their soft breaths and you’ll feel your stress slip away.

(Big Sigh)

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