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Exercise and Your New Puppy

Bendites are very active and they want their new puppy to be as active. We all want to run and bike and hike through the countryside with our new puppy. However we must temper our enthusiasm with the knowledge that …
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Is Your Cat Displaying “I am Sick” Signs?

Cats are great at hiding things. They hide your glove, your sock, your earring. They are also great at hiding when they don’t feel well.  At Westside Pet Hospital, we encourage all cat owners to have their feline friends examined …
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Pets Do a Body Good

A survey by the American Heart Association found pet owners had lower blood pressure, handle stress better and had less incidence of death due to heart attacks. A large part of this positive effect was due to people walking their …
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I don’t want to go to the doctor!

Many cat owners avoid taking their cats to see their veterinarian. Research shows that 60% of owners say their cat hates going to the vet, and 39% admit they only go if their cat is sick. In fact, 38% of …
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And Baby Makes More

Pets are often the first “child” in the family. They may need a few coping skills when it’s time to bring a real baby home because their routine is also in for a change. …
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