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Cats Get Stressed Out Too!

Lines at the grocery store, at the roundabout or at the movies, you think your life is stressful, well what about your cat. Cats are exposed to a variety of stressors which may have a bad effect on their welfare. …
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Here Comes Summer

Warm days and long evenings invite families and pets to explore the great outdoors. Have safe fun by being aware of potential health hazards. …
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Pet Treats

We love to give our pets treats. And for good reason. Who can resist the sight of a happy face and wagging tail. But like everything we need to balance risks and benefits. …
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Pet Car Anxiety

 Many pets experience anxiety when traveling by car. Symptoms may include drooling, vomiting, vocalization or endless movement. This makes the car ride stressful for everyone. …
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Dogs and Quality of Life

Dogs have a big effect on how we view our world and our health. Many studies have shown the benefits of owning, petting, reading to or visiting with a dog. …
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Cats Diet and Exercise

Like many of us pledged for the new year, your cat also vowed to eat better and get more exercise. And like many of us they need encouragement too. …
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