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Brownish hairy cat with fluffy ruff on the neck

Arthritis In Cats

It’s fairly common knowledge that many senior dogs are prone to developing arthritis. This painful condition can affect our feline friends, too. Arthritis isn’t always easy to spot in older kitties: after all, they do spend the vast majority of …
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Gray cat with orange eyes on a gray cat swing

Celebrating Cinco De Meow With Fluffy

There’s a pretty cute kitty holiday coming up. Cinco de Meow is May 5th! You’re probably familiar with the original holiday, Cinco de Mayo. The spring Mexican holiday has officially gone to the cats! Here, a Bend, OR vet lists …
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Gray cat in the middle of a grassy garden with small yellow flowers

Creating A Kitty Garden

Do you keep your cat indoors? If so, that’s great! Fluffy does enjoy going outside and indulging in kitty ‘sports’ like sniffing grass, making paw art on your car, and ignoring you when you call her. However, she’ll be much …
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Brown adult dog drinking water

Creating A Pet First-Aid Kit

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month! We truly hope that none of you ever find yourselves in a situation where you have to give your pet first aid. However, accidents can and do happen. Having both the knowledge …
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Toxic and poison vials

Poison Prevention Week

Poison Prevention Week starts March 20th. Poisoning is one of the biggest risks to our furry friends. Many animals like to chew things, which is one concern. Pets also instinctively lick their fur and paws clean. Unfortunately, that means they …
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Brownish Cairn terrier sits on a grassy lawn

Soothing A Nervous Dog

Is your canine companion quite nervous? Dogs all have their own personalities, just as people do. And while some are very calm and stoic, others are quite anxious and jittery. If your pup falls into that latter category, read on. …
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Brown pug staring at a small paper heart to the left

Pet Wellness Plans

Have you ever looked into pet wellness plans? These are becoming quite popular, and with good reason: They can be very helpful! A local Bend, OR vet goes over some basics of pet wellness care plans in this article. Wellness Plans …
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Ginger cat with mouth open wide

Cancer In Pets

World Cancer Day is coming up on February 4th. Cancer is unfortunately very widespread in both people and pets. Roughly 6 million dogs, and a similar number of cats, are diagnosed with cancer each year. A local Bend, OR vet …
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Dog training

Dog Training Tips

Happy New Year! Did you know that January is National Train Your Dog Month? Fido is a very good boy, but he does need some guidance when it comes to learning the do’s and don’ts of proper petiquette. If your …
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