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Pet Wellness Plans

February 15, 2022
Have you ever looked into pet wellness plans? These are becoming quite popular, and with good reason: They can be very helpful! A local Bend, OR vet goes over some basics of pet wellness care plans in this article.

Wellness Plans Vs. Insurance

It’s important to understand that wellness plans are not the same as insurance. Wellness plans are designed to cover the costs of routine care, or wellness care, as the name suggests. Some of the things that may be covered by a wellness care plan include vaccines, parasite control, exams and screenings, and dental care. Insurance, on the other paw, is more for the unexpected illness or injury. Pet insurance plans may cover things like accidents, orthopedic problems, and medical issues that are hereditary in nature. For instance, if Fido eats your cell phone and needs emergency surgery, that would fall under the realm of insurance.


One of the biggest benefits of wellness plans is that they allow you to spread the cost of your pet’s wellness care out into equal payments. This can be very helpful for budgeting purposes. These plans also often help prompt better and more timely veterinary care. People with wellness plans tend to bring their pets in more often. (This makes sense: you’re more likely to use a service you’ve already paid for.) Another benefit is that wellness care plans can also facilitate faster care in case something is wrong. Although many emergencies would be something that insurance would help with, wellness cares often include exams. That can help take the financial sting out of unexpected appointments. Plus, since preventative care can be very effective in preventing illnesses, they may actually save you money in the long run. The end result? Healthier pets!


Pets’ veterinary care needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, and their wellness care plans shouldn’t be either. Your furry buddy’s needs will change over time. A puppy won’t need the same type of care as a senior dog, for instance. Every type of plan is different, so you’ll want to do some research before deciding what is right for your and your pet. Regardless of where your furry buddy is in life, you’ll be able to choose a plan that suits your needs. Ask your vet for more information. Do you want to learn more about our wellness plans? Contact us, your local Bend, OR animal clinic, today!
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