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Reasons To Be Thankful For Pets

November 15, 2021

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While many of us are definitely anticipating that home-cooked food, it’s also important to remember the reason for the holiday: gratitude. Pets are definitely something we are appreciative of! A Bend, OR veterinarian lists some reasons why below.

Unconditional Love

One of the most amazing things about pets is the fact that they love us unconditionally. Your dog doesn’t care where you work or what you make, and your cat is not even remotely interested in how much money you have. They just want to spend time with you!

Health Benefits

Did you know that pets are actually good for our health? People with dogs tend to be thinner and fitter than those who don’t have pups. That makes perfect sense. Even walking Fido just twice a day can be over thirty minutes of exercise. That really adds up! Of course, that isn’t the only health benefit pets offer us. Studies have shown that our animal companions lower our risk of strokes and heart attacks, help us cope with grief and depression, and even boost our immune systems.

Alarm System

This one doesn’t necessarily apply to all of our furry friends. Some pets will sleep through just about anything! That said, dogs (and even some cats) are great little alarm systems. Fido usually lets his humans know if there’s something strange in the yard or somebody at the door. Cats also make great alarm clocks, but that’s another topic.

Live Entertainment

One thing we can say about pets: they have a way of keeping us laughing. Fluffy may very well be the funniest animal on the planet! And Fido is also adorably hilarious. If laughter truly is the best medicine, then our furry friends are definitely great for us!

Benefits For Kids

Pets also bring some very specific advantages for children. Kids that grow up with pets seem to have fewer allergies and stronger immune systems. It turns out that all that dust and dander is good for building immunity! Children also benefit from the comfort and companionship Fido and Fluffy offer. Animals can teach children important life lessons about love, kindness, and empathy, and they are a great source of comfort in tough times.

Please reach out with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your Bend, OR animal clinic, we’re here to help! 

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