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Pug Care Tips

October 15, 2021

Pug lovers, rejoice! Today is National Pug Day! While all of our canine pals are cute, pugs definitely are super adorable. These little guys are lots of fun to have around. However, Fido does have a few specific care needs for his humans to be aware of. A Bend, OR vet discusses caring for pugs in this article.

Don’t Overexert Him

Like other brachycephalic dogs, pugs can lose their breath very easily, and shouldn’t be encouraged to run, swim, or overexert themselves. Your pooch could be in big trouble if he gets too hot or can’t catch his breath! You’ll also need to make sure that Fido stays cool and hydrated in hot weather.

Expect Fursplosions

Pugs have short fur, but that doesn’t mean they don’t shed. In fact, you may wonder how such a small dog can produce as much fur as Fido does. Regular baths and brushing are definite musts. You’ll likely need a special brush! 

That Face

Many pugs have wrinkled faces, which are of course adorable. You’ll need to clean those folds, though, as otherwise they can trap bacteria and cause infections. Use grooming wipes to easily clean Fido’s furry face.

Soulful Eyes

Pugs have bulging bug eyes. Unfortunately, those cute peepers are prone to injury. Take a look around your house from Fido’s eye level, and remove anything that could cause eye injuries. You may also need to clean your dog’s tearstains. Short dogs get a lot of dust in their eyes, which can cause irritation and tearing.


This can be an issue with collars, as Fido could choke himself if he tries to pull. We recommend getting your canine buddy a comfy harness. He’ll still need a collar for his tags, though. Just make sure it isn’t too tight on him.

Keep Fido Fit

Obesity is an issue for many of our canine companions. Chubby pugs may look cute, but they often have some serious medical issues. Fido already has trouble breathing, so it’s imperative to make sure he isn’t carrying around extra weight.


Pugs often have sensitive stomachs, so avoid foods that contain artificial dyes; by-products; too much grain; corn; soy; or other fillers. Your vet may recommend feeding only dry food, or dry food with some wet food added as topper.

As your Bend, OR animal hospital, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch care. Please contact us anytime!

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