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Celebrating Your Shelter Dog's Birthday

August 15, 2021

Did you adopt your canine companion from a shelter? If so, you may want to get him something special. Today is DOGust … the official shelter dog birthday! With shelter dogs, you usually can’t get the exact date that Fido was born. That’s why all of these lovable pooches celebrate their birthday on the same day. A Bend, OR vet offers some ideas on how to get that tail wagging below.


No surprises here: If there is one thing that all our canine patients are unanimously enthusiastic about, it’s treats. Given that it’s Fido’s birthday, offer him something extra special. A boneless steak, or perhaps a plain hamburger or hot dog, would not be inappropriate.


Man’s Best Friend has a pretty strong sense of adventure. (Actually, some of our furry buddies would love to sniff every blade of grass in the world, but that’s another topic.) Take Fido to a pretty park or trail, and just enjoy some of our beautiful local scenery. Spending some time outdoors will be great for both of you!

Dinner Out

Why not take your furry pal out to a pet-friendly restaurant or café? Of course, that’s only if he’s comfortable and relaxed in public spots. This isn’t going to be a good option for pups that are highly nervous and/or aggressive.

Photo Session

Sure, you might already have dozens of cute photos of Fido on your phone, but you can never have too many! Ramp up your photo-taking skills a bit by downloading some editing apps. You can also try some made specifically for taking pet photos.

Salon Day

Fido may not be as happy about this one as your mom or sister would be. However, even if your pooch dislikes baths, he will enjoy feeling soft and clean. Book a spa day for your canine buddy!

Pay It Forward

Your shelter dog may be living his best life now, but there are still many sweet, lovable pets out there that don’t have homes yet. Don’t forget about them! Sharing posts about local pups that are up for adoption is one small thing you can do that will make a big difference. Donations are also welcome. If you want to go a bit further, consider volunteering or even fostering.

As your Bend, OR animal clinic, we’re happy to help. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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