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Household Hazards For Pets

November 1, 2019

Our animal companions are very frisky and playful, which is one reason they’re so much fun. However, your furred—or feathered—friend doesn’t really know what is and isn’t safe for them to eat, play with, or chew on. We can help! Read on as a local Century West, OR vet lists some common household hazards for pets.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small and sharp is a definite hazard. This includes things like tacks, beads, jewelry, buttons, sewing and craft kit pieces, fishing tackle, safety pins, nails, screws, and even pen caps.

Toxic Plants

Make sure your house only contains plants that are safe for pets. You may be surprised at how many popular ones are toxic to animals. Lilies, for example, are extremely poisonous to cats. Check the ASPCA site here for a full list of safe and unsafe options.

Wires and Cords

Wires and cords can make tempting playthings to frisky pets. Unfortunately, they are extremely dangerous. Your pet could be seriously hurt, or even start a fire, by chewing on a live wire! They could also get entangled, or pull a lamp or other device onto themselves. Treat wires and cords you can’t relocate with taste deterrents.


Many common household products are dangerous to our animal companions. Cleaning agents, antifreeze, lawn and garden chemicals, medication, paint, and turpentine are just a few examples. Keep these things in secure cabinets where your pet can’t reach them.

Plastic Bags, Wrappers, and Ties

Many pets enjoy the crinkly texture of plastic. (Cats, in particular, are fond of chewing on plastic wrappers.) This is both a choking and a strangling hazard. Keep these items out of paws’ (or claws’) reach!

Fires/Heating Elements

Candles, potpourri burners, heaters, and fireplaces are definite hazards to our animal friends. Make sure that your pet can’t reach any flames or heating elements. If you have a large dog and a gas stove, consider installing child-proof knobs. Fido has been known to accidentally turn the gas on!


These are just a few of the things that aren’t safe for our animal companions. You’ll want to do some research to get specific recommendations for your pet. For example, ceiling fans are extremely dangerous to birds, but aren’t usually a problem for rabbits. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Century West, OR vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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