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Setting Up a Bunny Cage

October 15, 2019

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Congratulations! You’ve chosen a very cute little pet. One thing that is very important to Floppy’s health and well-being is making sure that she is happy and comfortable in her cage. A local Bend, OR vet offers tips on setting up a bunny cage below.


When it comes to cages, bigger is definitely better. The minimum cage size you’ll need will depend on how many bunnies you have, and how big they are. Ask your vet for recommendations.


You can choose a cage with screening on the walls or sides. This is actually good for ventilation. However, make sure the cage has a solid floor. Wire floors won’t hold substrate very well. They can also be dangerous, as they can cause paw injuries.


Once you have the cage picked out, you’ll need to get some accessories. Floppy will need a comfy hide box, as well as dishes and a water bottle.


Be sure to choose a safe substrate. Avoid anything made from hardwoods, such as pine and cedar. These actually aren’t safe for rabbits. Paper-based products are fine, as are soft woods, such as aspen.


Did you know that Floppy can learn to use a litterbox? You’ll need to take time training your furball, but it will be well worth it in the long run. You can get a large kitty litterbox, or a cement-mixing tray. If you have two bunnies, pick something that’s big enough to fit both of them at once. You’ll want to add some newspaper, as well as some soiled bedding.

Hay Rack

Fresh grass hay, such as Timothy hay, should make up the bulk of your bunny’s diet. You may find a hayrack comes in handy. If you get a litterbox, position the hayrack so that your pet has to hop into her box to eat. Rabbits like to munch as they do their business.


Your furball will need lots of toys, including plenty of suitable chew toys. This doesn’t have to cost very much. You can make many of Floppy’s things out of clean cardboard, wood, wicker, and even plain paper. For instance, the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls can make great bunny toys. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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