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Cancer and Herbal Therapies

September 12, 2019

A diagnosis of cancer is terrifying for everyone. It causes much soul searching about how to proceed. Do nothing? Surgery? Chemo? Is there something else?

At Westside Pet Hospital, we offer alternatives to provide comfort for your family and your pet. We treat cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy with acupuncture and Chinese herbal combinations. Alternative medicine can slow the progression of the disease and help with other symptoms such as weight loss and decreased appetite.

But does that approach work? A recent study in a prominent veterinary journal says YES!

Canine splenic hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive cancer with a high metastatic rate and poor prognosis, even when treated with surgery and chemotherapy. The researchers compared survival times between surgery, surgery with chemotherapy, and surgery with Chinese herbal combinations.

The animals with surgery and herbal medicine had survival times of three times longer than just surgery alone and twice as long as surgery plus chemo.

That’s incredible: survive longer without the side effects of chemo.

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