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Cat Counter Conditioning

July 15, 2019

Cats like elevated surfaces and kitchen counters are prime territory. Here are some tips to lessen this behavior.

Make the counters less desirable by keeping them clean of food. You can also buy plastic place mats. Cover one side with double-sided tape and put them on your prep surfaces when not in use. Cats don’t like sticky surfaces.

Keep your cat confined during mealtime if your cat insists on helping you prepare meals.

Never yell at your cat. At best they’ll appreciate the extra attention. At worst they’ll become frightened; they won’t make the connection between your temper and their actions. They’ll think you are angry for no reason.

Reward your cat for appropriate behavior by providing food toys for them to wrestle with while you’re cooking. Reward good behavior with loving attention. Emphasize the positive, not the negative.

Give your cats better alternatives than jumping on counters.

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