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Help for Fireworks and Thunderstorms

June 18, 2019

The Fourth of July is near and thunder storms aren’t far away. Proper preparation can help your pet deal with noise phobias.

Provide a “safe place” where they can avoid the stimuli from noise. This safe place can be a dog crate or just putting them in a basement, closet, or internal room in the house. The crate can be covered with heavy blankets or other materials to mute the noise. You can entice them to go inside with long lasting treats or chew toys. Once they discover the crate is a safe, quiet place to hide out, most will learn to use it whenever the need arises. You may also put a radio in the room to add background noise.

Another approach is to modify your pet’s response. You will need to desensitize and counter-condition them to loud noises. Desensitization is performed by playing recordings of thunderstorms or fireworks. Start at a low volume that does not appear to create fear. Over repeated sessions slowly increase volume until the pet no longer responds to the sound even when it is as loud as the actual noise.

Desensitization combined with counter-conditioning makes the process quicker. Counter-conditioning is achieved by sitting with your pet while the recoding plays and feeding high value treats. The pet eventually learns to associate food with the sound that previously caused distress.

If your pet’s noise phobias are severe, they may need veterinary intervention. There is a new medication available named Sileo that is formulated to lessen your pet’s anxiety levels. Call us at 541-678-5440.

Sileo is a very effective solution to your pet’s noise phobias. Loud noises don’t have to send shivers down your pet’s spine.

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