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Dog Park Etiquette

May 9, 2019

Bend has many dog places for dogs to play off- and onleash. For everyone to have loads of fun, you should realize the inherent risk at these places. Injury, infectious disease, fighting and biting can happen.

Determine how well your dog gets along with others. Some dogs are too afraid, don’t know how to play or are too aggressive. Be able to recognize a dog’s body language and be able to spot signs of fear or anxiety. Raised hair, snaring lips and cowering away are signs of potential trouble.

If your dog displays leash aggression then maybe a solitary walk is a better idea.

Another important point to remember is dogs need to be current on their vaccinations. Kennel cough can be passed through even brief nose to nose contact. We’ve had several dogs contract kennel cough at Pine Nursery Park.

I would avoid Riverbend Dog Park. There are too many people and dogs and no vegetation to block sight lines.

Dog parks are fun as long as everyone is safe.

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