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Pet Food

September 27, 2018

Pet food is an ever-expanding industry. It can be over whelming, even for veterinarians, to stay current on all the trends and brands.

Lately there is a new trend towards grain-free diets. It probably stems from pet food stores giving corn a bad name. Many people think corn is a leading cause of food allergies in pets. Actually, it’s number sixteen on the list. Dairy, wheat and beef are the top three. Corn is used in many pet food rations because it is inexpensive, has lots of energy and different parts of the kernel are used to balance rations.

Raw and home cooked diets are also popular. My only problem is these may not be nutritionally balanced.

Major brand dog foods are certified by AAFCO to assure their rations are balanced for proper amounts and protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. You should look for this seal on your pet’s food.

Currently grain-free diets are being investigated for a link in causing heart problems.

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