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Doggy Talk

August 14, 2018

Researchers have found that your dog prefers doggy talk over adult talk. You would think researchers have a lot of important studies to attend to. But I guess some of them have spare time.
We often hear statements like, “My dog is just like a child to me.” Or, “Our children are all grown up so our dog is our new baby.” This relationship becomes more obvious when people speak to their pets in a higher pitch, exaggerated intonation contours and more animated gestures. It’s called “infant-directed speech.” It’s the way adults talk to infants.

A similar speech pattern exists in dogs and is termed “dog-directed speech.” Researchers designed a study to assess which speech patterns dogs preferred. By using tape recorders of different speech patterns. they concluded dogs of all ages showed a distinct preference for doggy talk over adult talk.

Doggy talk may sound odd to other humans but studies showed an increased response and tighter social bond between you and your dog.
So go ahead and doggy talk with your dogs. They’ll understand.

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