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Ethics of Enrichment

March 15, 2018

Something we have in common with animals is our desire to have an enriched environment. For humans that may mean a good book, a warm fire and a hot toddy. But what does that mean for pets. If they have little control over their environment or too much predictability in routine they can experience stress, boredom and frustration. This can lead to bad behavior.

There is convincing evidence of the benefits people receive from pets including reduced anxiety and depression, enhanced self-esteem and reduced blood pressure. What do they get from us?

Environmental enrichment is a principle that seeks to improve their quality of life by providing optimal stimulation. That’s a mouthful that means pay more attention to your pets. Having a pet translates to providing for your pet’s behavioral and psychological needs. If you provide the basics of free access to clean water, good quality food and protection from the elements you earn a C.

To get a B the good pet person needs to provide opportunities for them to exhibit normal behaviors like hiding places, exercise , and toys. Another item pets need is a place to get away from it all. Lets face it they can get tired of us, too.

Make them a further part of your life to earn an A.

Your pets are committed to you. Can you say the same?

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