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Cats like to scratch!

July 18, 2017

Cats explore their environment with their paws and this makes them natural scratchers. Scratching also maintains the health of their nails, stretches muscles, and serves as an emotional outlet. Cats like to scratch to keep their nails sharp for defense and to climb out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, cat scratching can be destructive in your home. From the cat’s point of view your carpets and furniture are there for their enjoyment. The surfaces feel good to them and they don’t understand the monetary value of that beautiful leather couch since they have no concept of money.

You can help avoid the problem by placing scratching posts in areas the cat likes to rest and play.

Do encourage scratching on the post by playing with dangle-toys on or near the post, scenting the post with catnip, using praise and food rewards when the cat scratches the post or even scratching the post yourself to stimulate the cat to scratch.

There are several approaches to dissuade your cats from scratching inappropriate places.

Teaching your cat appropriate scratching behavior is a potential problem solved.

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