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Don’t shave your Dog

June 21, 2017

Summer arrives in a blaze of heat and sun, and most of us shed clothes until we’re down to shorts or swimsuits. If less is more for us when temperatures spike you might feel compelled to give your pets a summer shave down. While it may seem like a good idea you should really put the clippers away.

While I wouldn’t want to wear a fur coat on a hot day, you should think of an animal’s coat like home insulation. Insulation prevents your home from getting too cold in the winter but it also protects it from overheating in the summer. Your pet’s coat does the same thing.

A dog’s coat has several layers. These are essential to their comfort in the heat.

Their coat also protects the skin and prevents them from getting a sunburn and skin cancer. For dogs with thin coats, consider having your longer walks in the evenings and applying pet-specific sun block to ear tips and nose.

Trimming and brushing coats is a good option. It’s ok to trim long hair that hangs down on their legs. It’s best to not to attempt to clip off matts with scissors. Leave that to the professionals.

I encourage daily brushing with a soft bristle brush to tame your pet’s long hair. Brushing removes excess hair but more importantly stimulates good circulation in the skin to improve the condition of their skin and coat.

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