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What is Normal?

May 21, 2017

Your pets are unique individuals. Each has their own habits about when and how much they eat, sleep, exercise and temperament. By paying close attention to their daily routine you will not miss early signs that something is amiss.

A pet who is eating, drinking and going to the bathroom is most likely a healthy pet.

It is helpful to know the typical amount of food they eat in a 24 hour period.

Being aware of how often you fill your pet’s water bowl is a good indication of water consumption.

Note how often they need to go outside to potty and if they start needing to go out at night.

For cats, clumping litter makes it easy to know the number and size of urinations. If using absorbent litter, note the number and size of wet spots.

What is your pet’s sleeping habits. Cats like to sleep 14-16 hours a day and will have 3-4 favorite napping spots. Dogs normally sleep 12 -14 hours a day.

Pets who don’t feel well will usually withdraw from the family and not spend as much time in their usual places.

Be aware of your pet’s typical daily activity such as greeting you at the door, waking you in the morning, following you around, and playing with toys. Any change in routine activity warrants investigation.

A pet’s basic approach to life remains pretty consistent and it is important to know any changes.

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