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Making the trip to the veterinarian easier for your kitty

February 21, 2017

Think you don’t like going to the doctor, your cat likes it even less. Cats just seem to want things their own way and getting stuffed into a little box, taken for a bumpy car ride and being poked and prodded is not their idea of a good time.

A study found that half the cat owning public feels stressed just thinking about taking their cat to the veterinarian. The chief reason is the dreaded cat carrier which confounds cats and people alike. Because of this, 40 -50 percent of cats in the US aren’t getting the veterinary care they need.

Take a page out of the dog book and make the carrier a place of comfort, a place where they can chill and take a nap. Put the carrier in a quiet place in the home, maybe elevated with a nice view. Add some treats or catnip. Then every so often, close the door, place the carrier in another room, return, and open the door. Gee nothing bad happened. Maybe every once in a while they get to go for a car ride and return home. They get more treats. Everybody’s happy.

Cats are great at hiding when they’re sick or have teeth problems so it’s important for them to get regular checkups.

Do yourself and your cat a favor by making their carrier a happy place and keeping them healthy by making regular appointments with their doctor.

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