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Lumps and Bumps

March 18, 2016

Pets of any age may sprout growths on or under their skin. These need to be examined to diagnose what type of tumor it is. We perform a procedure called an aspiration biopsy. This is a relatively painless procedure consisting of using a very fine needle to collect cells from the mass and then examining them under a microscope. 

Benign growths can be removed or observed for further growth. Aggressive tumors need to be removed to prevent them from spreading locally or to vital organs. As masses become bigger it takes more anesthetic and surgery time to remove. If the mass occurs on a leg or tail, it can become difficult to close the skin where the tumor was removed.

This growth was 3 by 5 inches when I first examined it. It grew to 5 by 8 inches by the time the tumor was scheduled to be removed.

The mass was excised during surgery and healed perfectly.

It’s wisest to have growths examined as soon as you find them instead of adopting a wait and see attitude. Peace of mind is worth a trip to Westside Pet Hospital.

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