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Christmas Presents For Your Pets

December 16, 2015

Have you been Christmas shopping for the family? Let’s not forget to put our furry friends on that shopping list! They bring us joy throughout the year, so say thanks with presents under the tree. Even though the tree and those hanging ornaments can be a treat in themselves, our cats and pups deserve a little something special for the joy they bring the family all year round.

1. Fetch Toys . If your pooch loves playing fetch, he’ll go wild for a Treat Launcher . This toy is sure to give your pup endless hours of fun and treats! If your dog loves fetching ball, then maybe they need a box set of Striped Play Balls (no tennis court hand-me-downs for your dog). They come in vibrant red and blue, making them hard to lose at the park.

2. The Yoga Cat Mat Toy . Bend, OR is a healthy town and that carries over to our pets. Translation: Every cat needs a yoga mat . Unlike a regular mat, this one comes cat-sized, with an attached catnip toy. It’ll keep kitty on her mat and out of your hair so you can practice in peace.

3. Fashionable Finds.  Strolling downtown or to the dog park? No dog should be without a fashionable collar. Find some of the most cool and unique dog collars at Native Dog. And if you need something a little warmer for your pups, dress them to the nines in a stylish tweed dog coat to match your own ensemble this winter. Or think about a Christmas themed scarf or bandanna to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

4. Scratch Products . Cats love to scratch! Give them something better than your favorite chair with a multi-tiered scratching post . Or try the DJ Cat Scratching Pad , the spinning deck functions as a scratching mat. It will provide hours of entertainment for your kitty.

5. Catnip Surprise . Make a catnip cave by infusing a paper bag with catnip. This provides a hideaway kittens will immediately cozy up to and enjoy. And, as a bonus, this toy won’t hurt your wallet too badly!

6. Playful Toys . Your children love toys for Christmas and so do your pets. Give your cat a Tabby Tassel Tamer . It’s the purrfect present for the playful feline. And for your pup, try a new squeaky toy or rubber bone to keep them busy while you’re out watching the Christmas parade.

7. Fancy Bowls . While you’re feasting on Christmas dinner, brighten up their holiday meal with matching food and water bowls . Or for those without the best table manners, consider the Neater Feeder , which contains spilled food and water, leaving your floor squeaky clean. The elevated feeder option also reduces neck and joint strain for dogs, making mealtime even more enjoyable.

8. Stocking Stuffers . Make room on your mantle for stockings for your critters. Spread holiday cheer by stuffing them with catnip fortune cookies for your kitty or low fat doggie treats for the pups.

Remember your pets this Christmas for the love and fun they provide all year round. A few toys and treats will bring them so much joy. Have a very Merry Christmas from Westside Pet Hospital.

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