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Dog Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Work! A Case Study

November 2, 2015

Meet Angel. Angel was suffering from teeth chattering, constant head bobbing, and hypermetria. With the help of acupuncture and Chinese herbals , we were able to improve symptoms by 50% in 6 weeks!

The clinical signs shown by our patient include a head bob, wide stance of legs and an exaggerated lifting of the legs. These symptoms indicate a lesion in the brain, most likely localized to the cerebellum. This area of the brain ordinates these motions.

The symptoms result from impaired electrical transmission of nerve impulses. The goal of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is to reduce the resistance and enhance electrical activity of injured tissue, thereby promoting healing and axonal regrowth. The decision to treat with acupuncture not only considers the type of disorder but also the response to conventional medications.

Watch the videos to see how we were able to get such great results:


Dr. Shaw: So this is Angel, he presented several weeks ago with some neurologic issues. Going on for over a year now.

You can come back.

If you notice when he walks, he kind of picks up his feet higher than normal, kind of a little wobbly. It’s called hypermetria, it’s usually related to the brain cerebellum, which controls your coordination of your gait.


Dr. Shaw: The other complaints that Angel had was a head-bob. So he would sit here and he would just bob his head and chatter his teeth. So we’ve been working with Angel for, oh, probably a month, six weeks now.  

Angel’s owner: Yeah.

Dr. Shaww: He’s had several acupuncture treatments and he’s on a herbal combination, and as the owners pointed out today, they’ve noticed a 50% improvement on the head-bobbing, and he seems to be steadier on his feet as well. And they haven’t noticed the… Oh, there’s the head chatter.

Angel’s owner: Yeah.

Dr. Shaw: So that’s something they haven’t seen a lot of, but the first time I examined him I saw much more of the head bob and the chattering.


Dr. Shaw: So with Angel we’re using points to kind of control the head bobbing.  So hard to see but we’ve got several on the head right here.  And then we’ll also use acupuncture to coordinate the actions of the feet.  So we’ve got some here.  On this side over here.  And those correspond with opposite points on the back legs.  So we have one down here and we have another one tucked in over here.  And this one right here.  It’s called GB34.  So that’s for tendons and it also helps with brain function and neurologic function.  

So these are some of the points that we’ve been using on Angel for the past few weeks.  I generally…from treatment to treatment change the points that I use to affect the different areas.  And then there’s also a consideration called point burn-out where if we use points too often then they may not have the, as effective as if we use them on occasion.  So you can see he’s pretty happy.  Pretty comfortable with this.  

And most people think that using acupuncture needles on pets they’d really not like that but also put up with it pretty well.  This doesn’t bother him at all so long as I have a pocket full of treats hey Angel.

If your beloved companion is suffering from similar issues please get in contact with us today.

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