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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Cat Happier

April 22, 2015

There’s a common misconception that cats are self-reliant. Well I’m here to tell you that you’ll have a happier cat if you take a little time to enrich your their environment.

One of the keys to making your cat happy is catification. The idea is to accommodate a cat’s natural instincts to climb, perch, scratch and really own their territory. You could create a cat superhighway by arranging furniture so your cat can jump from one surface to the next.

Or create a cat tv by placing a bird feeder in view of a window so your cat can sit and watch the action.

Cats love to munch on grass so bring the outdoors inside by having fresh cat grass or a catnip plant 

Schedule daily playtime with wand toys, feathers, and laser lights. When you’re away make sure to have smaller toys they can chase or carry around.

Puzzle feeders accomplish two goals. One is they give your cat a challenge to play and another is to dispense part of their daily amount of food. You can even hide them in your house so your kiity can hunt for them.

Add diversity to your cat’s environment by moving things around such as a cat tree into a different corner and by exchanging their toys.

Variety is the spice of life and cats are no exception. Shake it up for your kitty and keep them content.

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