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Cats Diet and Exercise

January 30, 2015

Like many of us pledged for the new year, your cat also vowed to eat better and get more exercise. And like many of us they need encouragement too.

Exercise builds stronger muscles, increases flexibility, helps bones and joints stay strong, and burns extra calories. Cats aren’t big fans of treadmills but they love to chase things like a feather on a stick, toy mice and laser lights. Cats have entered the digital age by using iPads to chase virtual mice and even paint through apps made specifically for felines. Developers say claws won’t hurt the screen but you may want to watch out for biting.

Here’s a novel approach for those extra calories? It’s the mouse Weight watcher point diet. A cat’s natural diet is 8 to 10 mice a day. Each mouse contains 30 -35 calories, so roughly 325 calories per day. The average kibble is 2 to 3 calories. This translates to 12 kibbles per feeding 8 to 10 times a day. Don’t have time to feed your cat that often. There are several toys on the market that dispense food as your cat plays with them. Or you could also have a family craft night and make puzzle feeders for your feline.

Maybe someone needs to devise a way for us humans to have to exercise for our food.

Help your cat achieve their full potential with these simple exercise and diet suggestions.

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