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Cat Health and Annual Screenings

November 25, 2014

Many cats who look healthy may be hiding a secret. A study of outwardly healthy cats discovered laboratory abnormalities in one out of every four cats tested. Furthermore, pet owners who answered a 48 question survey noted warning signs in nearly 70 % of the 1200 cats checked.

The results illustrate the value of annual veterinary wellness visits and preventive laboratory screens.

Among the cat owners who took part in the health risk assessment:

Preventive laboratory screens revealed that 25 % of the 1200 cats tested had kidney or liver disease, inflammation or infection, hyperthyroidism or blood disorders.

The goal of preventive medicine is to optimize health and minimize disease burden by proactively taking measures to prevent disease. Finding problems early is the key to keeping cats genuinely healthy. Early detection allows for treatment options that may be less invasive, less expensive and significantly more effective. A different study found diet changes can effectively treat many diseases if discovered in the early stages.

Cats are great at hiding symptoms when they don’t feel well. This holiday season give your cat the best present possible-a long healthy life, by scheduling a health exam and preventive blood screen with your veterinarian.

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