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Arthritis Tips for Old Dogs

October 8, 2014

There’s something charming about an old, gray-faced, slow moving dog. He’s not a playful pup anymore, he’s a good old boy. However those stiff movements and shorter walks are most likely caused by arthritis which is causing more pain than that sweet face and wagging tail are letting  on.

Arthritis is a chronic disease in which joint cartilage progressively wears down. The development of arthritis is often tied to age but it’s also closely associated with nutrition, obesity and physical trauma. Preventing joint problems from an early age is as important as knowing how to treat it later on.

Proper nutrition including raw food diets can help fight arthritis by supplying proper nutrients to promote joint health. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important. Increased weight means more wear and tear on the joint surfaces.

High quality nutritional supplements and vitamins foster joint health by increasing cartilage repair and stimulating thicker joint fluid.

Regular exercise from an early age makes for strong bones, well- lubricated joints and helps keep weight in check. And lets be honest– daily walks are good for you too.

Once the scourge of arthritis sets in there are many ways to treat it. Consult your veterinarian about how nutrition , medications, physical therapy, acupuncture and weight control can help your trusted companion live a long and mobile life.

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