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Money Tips for Caring Pet Owners

November 19, 2013

Everyone is trying to save money these days, including pet owners who want affordable vet care. But in an effort to cut back on costs, you may hear advice that could end up compromising your pet’s health. Regardless of what you read, providing your pet with regular preventive care is the key to a long, healthy life.

Let’s face it. You know when you don’t feel well. Even your car comes with a red light that tells you when things aren’t right. But your pet? It can be difficult for them to tell you when something’s wrong.

A penny now or a pound later?

We at Westside Pet Hospital believe that annual health exams and regular preventive care – such as appropriate vaccines, heartworm testing, fecal parasite exams, dental evaluations and more – save pets’ lives by ensuring they’re healthy. Regular exams can detect problems early, before they become more serious…and probably more expensive to treat.

In a nutshell, spending the money upfront on preventive care will save you a lot more later.

Don’t let cost deny your pet the care they want.

We recognize that cost is a major concern for pet owners, but selecting a veterinarian involves more than just price-shopping. While low cost veterinary services may be offered at those parking lot vaccine clinics, remember to compare “apples to apples.” Is your pet truly getting a thorough health exam that evaluates all age-related risk factors in that brief once-over and wave of the stethoscope? Would you trust your health to a one minute exam in a parking lot or feed store?

We provide options!

Westside Pet Hospital provides many healthcare options. We realize finances are an important consideration. There’s never just one option. First, we offer what’s medically best, and after that there are different levels of what we can do and options we can offer. The Westside Pet Hospital Bend homepage lists Healthcare Plans that provide quality, comprehensive care at an affordable pet care price. Pet insurance is another option that can help make pet care affordable and it follows your pet where ever you travel.

The Best for Your Pet East and West

Your regular visit to us is our way of ensuring the best health care for your trusted companion.

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